Minted by Village Concierge - Village Concierge
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Over 30 years of services experience –
​now available to you

Minted is a proud new service offering from Village Concierge, the leading Australia-based concierge provider with over 30 years of proven experience delivering impeccable personal services – Now available to you.

We’ve seen a lot of changes over the years, in particular the rising pressures that come with the information age where people are expected to take on more, do things faster, and respond immediately. Now, we can’t help you with those things but we can help take away the stress of making sure your home is tidy, fridge stocked, bed made, clothes cleaned and organised, and your errands done so you can focus on what’s most important to you in your spare time.

So while you are at the office, attending class, or at that yoga retreat, let us take care of making sure your home is a place you look forward to coming back to.

Intuitive. Secure. In the background of your life.

Our Commitment

  • Home cleaning is booked, managed and checked.
  • Dry cleaning is picked up, cleaned, and returned.
  • Laundry is picked up, washed, folder, and returned.
  • Mail/parcels are collected and sent via Australia Post or courier.
  • Clothing is picked up, altered, and returned.
  • Groceries are ordered and delivered to fridge/pantry.
  • Shoes picked up, repaired, and returned.
  • Keys picked up, cut, and returned.

Contact for any queries.