Published on 2nd January 2018

Why you should eat more protein at breakfast

A new report suggests eating protein at breakfast could be the key to successful weight loss.... Read More

14th August 2018 |

New Good Meat website shares red meat’s story

Meat and Livestock Australia has launched a new website to tackle consumer concerns about the consumption of red meat and those feeding a global trend toward eating less or no mea... Read More

18th May 2018 |

Smartphones the stick needed to eat more carrots

Smartphone apps could be key to addressing Australia's significant under-consumption of vegetables, especially with men and people who are overweight or obese.... Read More

19th November 2017 | FABFOODnews

Festive prawn prices set to surge

A shortage of prawns could see consumer prices surge over the Christmas period... Read More

19th November 2017 |

Local food technology hits US shelves

A special kind of sliced apple which won't turn brown when it's cut, bitten or bruised is now for sale at select US supermarkets.... Read More

Letter from the editor

Welcome to the new home of local food news. Our name reflects the fact that we think food, in every form, is fabulous. So, whether you like yours raw, processed, fast or slow, we’ve got it covered. On our site, you’ll find the latest news on the local food industry; lifestyle articles on the lates...

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15th November 2017 | FABFOODnews Staff Writers

An app-le a day keeps the doctor away

A new app has been developed to encourage us all to eat more vegetables.... Read More

18th November 2017 |

Nestle to cut caged eggs out by 2025

Global food giant Nestle commits to remove all cage eggs from its supply chain by 2025.... Read More

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